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Colorado CowsPollution and Environmental Liability Insurance for Electrical Contractors

If you operate an electrical contracting business in Denver or Colorado you may have exposures to environmental risks that are not addressed in your commercial general liability policy. Most general liability policies exclude pollution losses that your entity could come across in the regular course of business. Orcutt Insurance Group can help protect your business and meet contractual obligations. We are a local independent agency that has been helping Colorado contractors protect their businesses from potential liability since 2004. Please contact us to discuss liability and your company.

Potential Exposures

  • Disturbing or exacerbating existing pollutants – including asbestos ceiling tiles or pipe wrap, lead paint or existing mold within a structure.
  • Faulty work leading to creation of pollution condition – Failure of key electrical systems such as HVAC, sump pumps, sprinkler systems can lead to direct pollution release or mold growth.
  • Job site pollution – caused by releasing of materials brought to the site including fuel, solvents, acids, glues or other toxic substances.
  • Operations that generate hazardous wastes – replacement or retrofit of transformers, fluorescent lighting or capacitors can result in handling and disposal of toxic substances at the job site, in storage or at the disposal site.
  • Operations of subcontractors for which the contractor is responsible – If you hire subcontractors you can run the risk of being held responsible for pollution conditions from the subbed out work. If they have inadequate coverage your company could be liable.
  • Over the road pollution – Transport of coatings, paints, lacquers and stains or old windows and other materials with lead paint could lead to a cleanup and third party claims.
  • Exposures at your place of business – claims could arise from storage of equipment, vehicles, fuel, adhesives, stains, etc. could lead to clean up, decreased of property value and bodily injury claims.

Policies Available to Protect on Top of General Liability

  • Contractors Pollution Liability – bodily injury and property damage protection stemming from operations performed by or on behalf of the insured
  • Transportation Pollution Liability – protection while on the road
  • Environmental Impairment Liability – coverage for locations owned or operated by insured and can provide both on and offsite coverage.

It is important to note that if you have environmental risk you not only should purchase the product but require your sub-contractors to purchase as well. The contractors with the greatest exposure should have environmental policies in place and be contractually required to keep them in place after the project is completed.

We are looking forward to discussing pollution/environmental liability insurance and your business. In addition to these products we can help with general liability, workers compensation, commercial auto, bonds, inland marine, and any other product you may need. Please visit our electrical contractor page for more information.

Thank you for your consideration.

The Orcutt Group Team