Colorado Dental Practice Insurance

Colorado Dental Orthodontist Business Insurance quote

Colorado Dental or Orthodontist Office Business Insurance

Orcutt Insurance group can help your Colorado or Denver dentist and orthodontist office find affordable insurance designed for your unique business.  We will be able to provide general liability, property insurance, workers comp, and other coverage tailored to the needs of your company.  Please contact us to discuss insurance for your clinic.

Below we have outlined information that will help keep your insurance premiums from rising substantially.  The details will assist your company to manage risk and avoid potential claims that are common for your industry.


  • Electrical wiring up to date to avoid damage to expensive diagnostic and dental equipment
  • Gases, pharmaceuticals and gold should be inaccessible for unauthorized use and stored in a protected area
  • Arrange temporary facilities with another dentist if damage prevents practice from operation
  • Maintain equipment on an ongoing basis

Liability Insurance 

  • Remove obstructions from customer areas and include adequate lighting, marked exits and egress
  • Keep parking lots free of snow and ice
  • Background checks should be performed on employees handling money or credit card information
  • Hired non-owned auto should be considered for employees that use personal car for errands while working
  • Cyber liability should be considered to cover loss of sensitive patient information

Workers Compensation

  • Gloves and masks should be worn at all times when working on patient
  • Training and safety equipment should be in place to prevent exposure to radiation during X-rays

Professional Liability

  • Malpractice (also known as professional or errors and omissions insurance) quotes, policies and service available with our local Colorado agency

Please let us know if you have questions on the information above.  Orcutt Insurance Group has been providing insurance policies, service and advice in Colorado since 2004.  We are looking forward to speaking with you.

Thank you for your consideration.

The Orcutt Group Team