Colorado Nursery Garden Shop Insurance

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Insurance quotes, policies, service and advice for Colorado or Denver garden center, shop or nursery business.

Our local agency provides general liability, property insuranceworkers comp, commercial auto and other coverage tailored to the needs of your company. Please contact us to discuss insurance that will cover all of your operations including sales of lawn and garden equipment, machinery, seeds, fertilizers, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, bushes, trees and other lawn and garden products.

Below we have outlined information that will help keep your insurance premiums from rising substantially.  The details will assist your company to manage risk and avoid potential claims that are common for your industry.

Property Insurance

  • Hazardous and flammable items must be well controlled, labeled and stored appropriately
  • Controls in place to reduce plant damage from freezing and other weather related damage
  • Inland marine coverage for forklifts or other machinery/equipment used in operations

Liability Insurance

  • If operating a retail operation proper procedures in place to avoid slip and fall accidents
  • Parking lots, sidewalks and common areas should be in good repair
  • Adequate lighting in place if open after dark
  • Plants with poisonous properties should have appropriate warnings for consumer

Automobile Liability Insurance

  • Age, training, experience, and drivers records should be included in hiring process
  • Order MVRs for employees at least once per year

Workers Compensation

  • Back and other lifting related injuries are common
  • Proper training for employees for lifting of materials and exposure to chemicals

Please let us know if you have questions on the information above.  Orcutt Insurance Group has been providing insurance policies, service and advice in Colorado since 2004.  We are looking forward to speaking with you.  Please contact us to discuss insurance and your business.

Thank you for your consideration.

The Orcutt Group Team