Colorado Workers Compensation – Frequently Asked Questions

Workers Comp Colorado FAQVail Daily published an article that provides answers to questions that are frequently asked at Vail Medical Center’s Occupational Health Clinics. The article will help Colorado workers comp claimants address questions that one would imagine are commonplace throughout the state. From the article:

I hurt myself at work, but I was told it was not workers’ compensation. How can that be? – Just because it happens at work does not automatically make it workers’ compensation. A work-related illness/injury is one that occurs “during the scope of performing your job.” Certain illnesses/injuries do not fall into that category. Examples of this include walking down the hall and tripping on a shoestring or getting burnt when getting popcorn out of the microwave (if your job isn’t to make popcorn.)

What if I chose to see my own medical provider and/or a specialist and the occupational health provider did not make the referral? –  You do have the right to see whatever provider you chose. However, charges will not be paid through workers compensation nor your private insurance since it is a work-related injury. Outside treatments will not be covered if you don’t receive a referral from a workers’ comp provider.

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