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Business Insurance for Denver Dental Offices

Orcutt Insurance Group can help your Colorado or Denver dentist, oral surgery, orthodontist or other oral health practice with all of your insurance needs. Our local independent insurance agency has been assisting businesses with comprehensive insurance in Colorado since 2004. We can offer your company general liability, property insurance including coverage for expensive medical equipment, workers compensation, professional liability, business income coverage, employment practices liability and any other insurance product you may need. Please contact us to discuss insurance and your business.

Below are some items that will help keep the cost of your insurance down and will help to make your business attractive to insurance companies. Let us know if you have questions on any of the advice offered beneath.

Property Insurance

  • Keep wiring up to code and equipment properly maintained
  • Gases, gold, pharmaceuticals and other items targeted for theft should be kept secure and inaccessible for unauthorized use.
  • Fire alarm, burglar alarm, and sprinklers should be considered
  • Inland Marine insurance should be purchased to cover computers and certain types of equipment

Crime Exposure

  • Potential exposure from employee dishonesty with inventory and financial transactions
  • Perform background checks on all employees
  • Separate employees should handle ordering, billing an disbursement

Liability Insurance

  • Customer areas should be neat with no obstructions to avoid trip and fall claims
  • Adequate lighting, marked exits and egress are mandatory
  • Overhead equipment should be moved before patients exit dental chairs
  • Hired-Non owned auto should be considered if employees use personal vehicles for business purposes
  • Employment Practicies Liability Insurance

Professional Liability

  • All dentists and employees should be well trained, experienced and properly licensed
  • Close monitoring of on-site surgery with an experienced trained individual administering the use of anesthetic
  • Proper sterilization and disposal of needles and other equipment to prevent spread of disease

Workers Compensation

  • Gloves and masks should be worn¬†when working with patients
  • Trialing and safety equipment to prevent exposure to radiation when performing X-rays

Please let us know if you have questions or wish to discuss anything related to insurance and your business.

Thank you for your consideration.

The Orcutt Group Team