Colorado Bar and Tavern Insurance

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Insurance Quotes, Policies, and Service for Beer, Wine and Full Service Bars in Denver and Colorado

Orcutt Insurance Group provides general liability, workers compensation, liquor liability and property insurance for bars, pubs, taverns, and beer or wine bars located in Denver and Colorado. We sell, service and quote insurance policies designed to meet the needs of your business.  Below are some items that are important to keep the cost of insurance down and to make your company attractive to insurance companies.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your insurance needs.

Property Insurance

  • All grease and deep fat fryers must have automatic fire extinguishing protection, hoods and filters.
  • Automatic fuel shut offs and hand held fire extinguishers should be in place
  • Business income and spoilage coverage should be purchased
  • Is there a fire alarm?  Sprinklers? Burglar alarm?
  • Equipment breakdown coverage to cover refrigeration and cooking equipment


  • Criminal background checks should be done on employees handling money
  • If expensive meats or alcohol are served there is a risk of theft
  • Consistent rules on cash drawer management and job assignment should be in place
  • Money should be regularly stripped from the cash drawer and irregular drops made to the bank

Liability Insurance

  • Flooring, parking lots, sidewalks and other areas need to be in good repair.
  • Exits need to be well marked with battery back up for power loss
  • Timely snow and ice maintenance to parking lot, sidewalks and outdoor common areas
  • What security measures are in place? Is there adequate exterior lighting?
  • All employees should be instructed in proper customer handling, including how to deal with a disgruntled or intoxicated customer
  • Monitor the quality of food received, post lists of ingredients and proper storage temperature to avoid food poisoning or allergic reactions

Liquor Liability 

  • Set procedure to check ages of anyone attempting to purchase alcohol
  • Proper training courses for employees to recognize intoxication problems and dealing with customers
  • Procedure for denying service of alcohol to intoxicated patrons
  • Free taxi service for intoxicated patrons is suggested

Workers Comp

  • Employees must be trained on carry of heavy dishes, kitchen risks, and proper lifting techniques if  part of their occupational duties
  • Well-trained employees with incentive to encourage long term employment can help reduce workers compensation claims


Orcutt Insurance Group is an independent Colorado insurance agency providing policies to numerous businesses in this great state since 2004.  We are looking forward to working with you.

Thank you for your consideration.

The Orcutt Group Team