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Most Colorado restaurants or bars do not have coverage for employment related lawsuits.The general liability policy purchased for their establishment most likely excludes coverage for employment related activities. Below is an article that describes the Employment Practices Liability Insurance product and why restaurants need to purchase the product.

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From the EPLI article:

Many restaurant owners and managers don’t really understand what EPL is and the broad range of issues it encompasses. Employment practices liability insurance provides businesses and employees with coverage for claims made against them that can happen as a result of wrongful employment practices including: discrimination; harassment; retaliation; termination, constructive discharge; failure to hire, supervise and demote; and personal injury resulting from infliction of emotional distress and humiliation, defamation and invasion of privacy. Restaurants and bars, including mom-and-pop operations, can be at risk for EPLI claims, which could result in total devastation for the small business owner.

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